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WGOE is an Internet Radio station based in Richmond Virginia. Besides our unique music selection we also have a searchable database of things to do, places to shop or visit and a national list of resources for musicians. 

It is with a deep sense of loss that we have to convey the news that Mike Chenault lost his battle with brain cancer on September 13, 2013. Mike fought his battle with this disease the way that he lived his life, refusing to give in or give up until the very end. He was able to remain at his home in the Fan because of his tenacity, the love and support of his wife Nell, and assistance from many sources. 

One of Mike's goals for the bulk of the time that I have known him was to have a vehicle to serve musicians who veered off of the beaten track of commercial music. He accomplished this with the resurrection of WGOE, offering progressive alternative music and information about the music and artists in a truly non-commercial and non-conventional format. 

For Mike, it was a labor of love that he was able to persuade to a bunch of us to help him to make it happen. One of the last times that I truly saw him smile was when he heard "WGOE Progressive Radio Richmond" coming out of the studio monitor in his office. Mike had a good run and the only shame is that he couldn't keep running forever. 

Click in the upper left corner to listen to our music or live shows on Thursday evenings and Sunday afternoons by to Michael's long time friend Stuart!

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